Magister is now putting the finishing touches on a new Automated Trading System called “Tesseract”.

We are now on the verge of completing a new automated trading system that we call “Tesseract” that incorporates all of the proprietary market timing and trading techniques that Magister has developed over the years.

Tesseract will  trade in all sufficiently liquid markets, on a round the clock basis in Asia, Europe and the US, on time frames as short as 3 minutes and as long as monthly.

Initially, the system will begin trading in the S&P futures and will likely soon afterward add the NASDAQ futures, Euro, Japanese Yen, other currencies, and, perhaps, even Bitcoin. Other markets, particularly the energy and metals markets, individual stocks, etc., will follow soon afterwards.

This has been a massive, time consuming and expensive project that we were told many times would be difficult to pull off by even a large hedge fund or investment bank. But we have now done it.

Access to the system will be by invitation only and it will primarily be used to manage capital for Magister shareholders, stakeholders, and Magister’s own corporate cash flow.

If you have any questions, email us at


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