Today, September 19, 2017, We Officially Launched our Proprietary Trading Division

As the headline says, today we officially launched the Proprietary Trading Division of Magister Technologies.

Today we are an “Algo”.

Although, for the time being, we are still exercising some manual control over trading until we are comfortable setting the computers free to take over. And we are also focusing, for now, on the S&P futures within the US time zone.

But in the coming months we plan on diversifying over multiple time frames and time zones, eventually encompassing everything from stock indexes, to Interest Rates, FOREX, Energy, Metals, Agricultural products and individual Equities.

Once everything is up and running our systems will be trading through all major time zones virtually 24 hours a day.

We do not plan to hold ourselves out as a CTA, CPO or any sort of Investment manager or Adviser. All the funds we plan on managing will be either ours, friends, family, and that of Magister Shareholders and Stakeholders.

In fact, the primary goal behind the creation of this division was to provide a vehicle to manage the cash flow we expect will come once Magister launches all the other non-financial applications that its proprietary technology can be applied to.

This proprietary trading division is the first step and the foundation for everything else still to come.



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