Magister transition from a research to a private trading company should be official soon.

We expect to be making an announcement later this month about the beginning of our proprietary trading operations as we gradually transition from being a research to a private trading company. Once operations commence fully we will begin to gradually phase out access to the intraday CITs. This will not affect current subscribers as you will be grandfathered in, but if your subscription lapses you will unfortunately not be allowed back in. But after that point access to the intraday CIT forecasts will be restricted to traders operating under our banner or who we are actively considering as prospective traders for us. So if you know any other traders that you think would benefit from access to the CITs then encourage them to sign up now while there is still time. We will be making a more detailed announcement about this once everything is nailed down.

Once trading operations begin full force we will also be actively looking for prospective traders to bring in that we can personally train and teach our trading methods to, methods that have been honed over 30 years of research and experience, and which go far beyond the CITs, to allow for planned expansion into other markets and time frames.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail us directly at



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